Level of Knowledge



Graphic design

User interface, Branding, Print, Apps, Pictograms. Everything your startup needs. 6+ years of experience.

Illustration & Art

Game Design

I love thinking about game mechanics. Download our game ZenCubus for your Windows Phone.


Yeah, I can code, why not. jQuery, Sass, Git, Bootstrap, Foundation.


I created Kreativci v Krně and help with Rails Girls in Brno and Ostrava.


I have a Master's degree in Visual Creative Works with a View to Education, so I can teach you art. But I'd love if you chose graphic design instead.


You don't need a portfolio, Vladimír!

Jan A. Kolar, @jankolario

Thanks for the CV. It looks brutal :) I like it a lot, really.

Lukáš Hrdlička, @LukasHrdlicka

It's really great having on a flat someone who explains to you that there is something such as Aspect Ratio or that those colors really don't match together.

Ondřej Veselý, @xorwen

Vladimír is my person. Although his status is (very) busy, he spends the whole day by talking, chilling and purely enjoying life with me. You should be friend with this young man, too. It makes your day sunnier!

Anna Bromová, @annabromova


Vladimír Mokrý

+420 608 404 989


Techsquat, Prague, CZ

Status: Not available